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Hello, Driver!

Welcome to Dark.

Enter a world of imagination, pick up the wooden spoon, and embark on an adventure! In this vintage text-based adventure game, Dark, you’ll be transported back to the 1980s gaming experience of your childhood. Grab a blade, defeat the statue construct, climb the white tower, get lost in 'The Wildes', fall through a portal to hell, become the chosen one and save the world!

Level up, collect treasure, solve puzzles, and have hours of fun. Can be played solo, or work together with your friends to unravel the mysteries of Dark.

Dark is now in private-beta. First full-release (v.99 Public Beta) coming VERY soon!

The fully-playable beta is available here.
Please note that you must be a registered member of this site to access the beta.

If you are not currently a member, get your Dark subscription here.
Gain immediate access to the private-beta before public release You will also gain access to future full-release versions (public beta and beyond), and any future beta products with your Dark subscription.

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Dark [Beta 4, RC2] is here!

Changelog (2-May-2020) Content Additions and Corrections Endgame tweaks and additions. Adjusted power/balance at stops for better playability. Additional, general clean-up. Technical, Functional, and Overall Gameplay Improvements Moved codebase to Beta 4 phase. This as our second release candidate for... Read More

Dark [Beta 3, RC1] is here!

Changelog  (31-Mar-2020) Content Additions and Corrections Added hidden minigames and secret achievements with special, “undocumented” rewards. Scroll: Curse of the God-Enders (and another secret item) were added as special rewards.Thanks Brian and Tonya for the ‘God-Enders’ concept! (Brian was... Read More

Dark [Beta 2] So much to do, so little time, so close to release…

Changelog  (4-Jan-2020) Tons of Features and Content Added Significant end-game expansion and more thoroughly developed overall story-line. Lots of new items and abilities throughout! “Puzzle Levels” and more side-quests. Hard Mode.Game-wide, plus some challenge-specific increases in difficulty, Dice Mode!Shows... Read More